Friday, August 19, 2016

HIKING MERAPI: Hike Merapi at Night

TREKKING TRIP NAME: Night Hiking Merapi Old Crater 
TRANSPORT MODE : Private Transport 
INSURANCE : Merapi Local Insurance Coverage 

This Merapi night hike lead you until Pasar Bubrah, a old crater of Merapi volcano.Through track - path of various ecosystem of Merapi: farmland ecosystem, tropical mountain forest, sub-alpin ecosystem and volcanic area of Merapi volcano. Experiences the tranquility of mountain forest and refreshment air of sub-alpin ecosystem zone.

Expected to see sunrise on right momentum,see majesty conical structure Merapi blowing sulfuric fume, see "closed up view" of Merbabu volcano towering over morning cloud,see sweeping view of two volcanoes: Sumbing and Sindoro standing side by side in far distance, and lower volcanic landscape that so typical for Merapi volcano.


Pick up service at hotel at night 09:00 pm,trip briefing and transfer by private directly to village of Selo.Here we meet local guide, do trekking equipment check up,take break while having a glass of warm tea, further introduction to Merapi volcano and trekking safety briefing prior to trekking commencement.

Then commence trekking gradually heads for Pasar Bubrah old crater ridge around 2680 m asl through track - path of various ecosystem of Merapi: farmland, mountain tropical forest,sub-alpin ecosystem,and volcanic area of Merapi.You are guided through vary grounded surface of the path from soil path,loose grounded rock to solid boulders on sub-alpin ecosytem zone. On the way up, we stop for some breaks while have some drink,experience trianquality of tropical mountain forest and refreshing air of sub-alpin ecosystem.

Arrive at Pasar Bubrah in early morning for sunrise. At Pasar Bubrah, expected to see conical structure of Merapi in clear vision,see "closed up view" of Merapi volcano towering over morning cloud, see sunrise, lower volcanic landscape that's so typical for Merapi, see two volcanoes: Sumbing and Sindoro volcanoes standing side by side in far distance. After breakfast and break, you then guided down back to village of Selo (some break on the way down ) to directly transfer you return by private to hotel.Arrive at hotel at mid-day approx 12:00.(B)

Altitude Trekking Gain / lose: 1.180 m / 1.180 masl
Actual Hiking Up = 4 hours
Actual Hiking Down= 3 hours


1.Pick up service point: area of Yogyakarta city or area of Borobudur, adjustable according to demand/request of the client.

2.The hike finalized at area of Pasar Bubrah old crater since hiking is still restricted by policy of local authority until that point for safety reason (ref to recommendation of weekly report August 11-15,2016 issued by the authority). Guiding the hike higher up new crater ridge will be done as long as actual policy of the authority already allowed for hiking until the ridge.


Updated rate plus inclusion and booking: contact us.Please notify us your private small group size (maximum 4 pax) and requested departure date.