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SINDORO: Overview the "fragrant" volcano

ALTITUDE : 3150.7 m asl
LOCATION: Central Java, Indonesia
CLASSIFICATION: A-Type Active Volcano
ERUPTION TYPE: Strambolian (Dominant)
ERUPTION RECORD: First Recorded On Year 1818

Climbing Sindoro volcano is considered as one of favorite volcano summit climb for circuiting walk of volcanic crater rim and discovery uniqueness of summit zone that so typical for Sindoro volcano:from remaining of vast craters to well adapted vegetation growing on summit zone of volcanic area of Sindoro's flat summit as well as popular Adelweis field that made Sindoro labeled "fragrant" volcano.This is a strato volcano with summit altitude officially noted 3150.7 m asl in high.Administratively, Sindoro volcano located at: Temanggung (western side) and Wonosobo ( Eastern side ),Central Java Province,Republic Indonesia.

SINDORO: Volanic Cone

Other name of Sindoro volcano: Sundoro,Sendoro,and Susundoro.Geologically,Sindoro volcano is actually a volcanic cone separated from Sumbing volcano by saddle Kledung (1405 m).Today active crater is locally called kawah Jolotundo.While previous identified crater and parasite cone ( ref: pvmbg ) included: Sumur Sembilan Ledakan, G. Kembang, G. Arum, G. Kekep dan G. Watu.A part of flat summit of approx 400 x 300 m there was existed twin crater K1 - K2 approx 210x150 m in size.Cone and parasite crater was also previously discovered in some area included on eastern part of volcano.Volcanic rock of Sindoro was known as product of past eruption consisting of volcanic material such lava, pyroclastic flow,pyroclastic fall and pheriatic sedimentation.

ERUPTION: Strambolian Type

As one of Indonesia A-type active volcano,Sindoro is intensively monitored by official observer through
Pos Observation located at : Gentingsari, Parakan, Temanggung,Central Java. Recorded past eruption of Sindoro was eruption on year 1806,but this eruption was previously doubtful according to Other several previous eruptions were recorded included eruption on year 1818: occurred dust eruption separating until coastal area of Pekalongan ( junghuhn, 1850, p.293). So far eruption 1818 was considered as first recorded eruption in historical period for Sindoro volcano. According to Indonesian volcanologist ( Surono ),perhaps there was a huge eruption prior to year 1600.Based on it's history and sedimentation of erupted volcanic material, eruption type of Sindoro was assumed dominated by Strombolian Type of eruption.

BELOW SUMMIT:Adelweis Flower & Forest

Little bit down from summit is vast field of Adelweis, a highland flowers that made Sindoro labeled as fragrant volcano.Then a small forest area locally named Hutan Lantoro, a more forested area below field of Adelweis flowers field providing more shade for climbers to take rest.Lower down to elevation approx 2,843 m asl is scattered volcanic rock area locally called by Indonesian hikers as "Watu Tatah" providing little shade in afternoon but sometimes functioned as camp site by hikers - climbers at night.

Further down from "Watu Tatah" is a more vast area used to be functioned as major camping site by most hikers - climbers.Here...there are plenty separated flat space for camp: some of them on exposed terrain while other are at mid of bush.The terrain dominated by bush and forest, and views surrounding east and south are spectacular as well as "closed up view of Sumbing volcano".

LOCALS: Tradition & Ancient Settlement

Further lower below are more small forest Lantoro then pine woods that will end at border of local plantation plus settlement that is popular for it tobacco plantation area.The locals are mostly farmers keeping local tradition included perform local traditional ceremony: On Suro ( Javaness calender ) local used to flocking come to flat summit of Sindoro volcano to perform certain ritual at vast flat area locally called "Alun Alun".

On slope around 1200 m an arciological site was discovered, known locally as Liyanga, an ancient settlement belong to Ancient Mataram which was discovered firstly by local miner on year 2010.Today the site is known as most complete archaeological site of settlement of Ancient Mataram that had ever been discovered.

Image "Sindoro Volcano and Surounding" captured on way climb Sumbing Volcano
Image & Article by Ambo Upe Olenk.