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NAME: Volcano Sumbing
VOLCANO TYPE: Strato Volcano
LOCATION: Central Java,Indonesia.
CLASSIFICATION: Active Volcano A-Type.

Administratively,volcano Sumbing located in Central Java, Republic Indonesia, this is a strato volcano that classified as A-type active volcano with last recorded eruption in historical time was on 1730.Volcano Sumbing standing side by side with volcano Sindoro which's separated by saddle Kledung wich's today become country side road access Temanggung and Wonosobo connecting Dieng, ones of most popular tourism attraction of Central Java as well as hiking - trekking - climbing starting point.

Summit of Volcano Sumbing is considered as second highest in Central Java after summit of volcano Slamet.Summit zone of Sumbing contains 800 m wide crater where impressive volcanic attraction: spewing sulfure fume crater - wide volcanic sandy base - hot spring - massive rising summit cone and voice earth are united in one spot creating thrilling nature power. From summit zone, the " closed up view " of volcano Sindoro is well visible as well as streching saddle among two volcanoes Summbing-Sundoro/Sindoro. While below the summit of Sumbing volcano is a typecally little bit brown dry gress, then sub alpin ecosystem,and mountain forest of Sumbing.

Below the forest border is stunning view of terraced highfarmland crossing saddle Kledung in to back drop of Sindoro volcano.This area is considered as best and most historical tobacco plantation of Java Island that effects local economic development from one local Javanese generation to next generations till now day.

Further below Sumbing slope, on foot of Sumbing,far away from tourist track is an hidden Javanese Hinduism temple locally called Selogryo, located at the head of a small valley with terraced rice and surrounded by several hills such Condong,Giyanti,and Malang on elevation 740 m.This temple assumed to be built at approx century 9 during period of ancient Mataram Kingdom,and discovered by the locals in 1835,then reconstructed. The reconstruction completed in 2005.As seen today...the temple architecture reflects the classical Javanese architecture style.This is also ones of evidences indicating human being civilization surrounding volcanic hihgland of Sumbing had been adapted well since long time ago.

For most volcano hikers-trekkers-climbers, volcano Sumbing is attractive to climb due to it's altitude,active fumarole and crater attraction of Sumbing, possibility to explore caldera base to take closer look of it's impresive sparated crater as well as sticked cristalic sulpure on rising volcanic rock formation,also chance to do adventure to it's standing cone and do summit to summit climb through crater base cross.Most favorite summit hiking destination by hikers - trekkers is summit Buntu ( lat="-7.379358" lon="110.072072" ) on elevation 3301 m asl.

Additional Images Notes Up - Down:
" Sumbing Viewed From Forest Border Sindoro "
" Spewing out fume at caldera base of volcano Sumbing "
Images Captured By : Ambo Upe - Olenk
Overview Contributor By : Ambo Upe - Olenk