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OVERVIEW ROCK CLIMBING DESTINATION : More Thing To Do In Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Rock climbing is simply concerned with movement on rock.When approached in the correct way,it is not as dangerous as many non climbers think.It is considered healthy, challenging, exhilarating and even fun that made this vertical world activity unlike any other adventure sport.Very rare visitors visiting Yogyakarta knowing if rock climbing is widely possible done here in Yogyakarta,Indonesia.There fore through this posting, 3 less visited rock climbing area are shared, there are: Merapi volcano area, Samigaluh Limestone Area,and Glanggeran Ancient Volcano Area.

1.Merapi Volcano Area

There are at least two climbing spots on slope of volcano Merapi often been visited by most Yogyakarta climbers: Watu Kota and Balerante.Watu Kotak is just several minutes walk from Kali Adem area, provides at least two sport climbing routes,1 artificial route and fun bouldering route.while Balerante was well known for it's trad climbing route.After huge Merapi volcano eruption 2010, those climbing spots haven't been checked out, so they recent condition couldn't be well informed here today.For more details, it 's strongly suggest to contact relevant official Indonesian climbing federation of Sleman regency, Yogyakarta.

2.Samigaluh Limestone Area

Located at karst area of Kulong Progo exactly at sub village Dukuh,village Purwoharjo,Samigaluh,Kulong Progo.Known as special interest climbing area,officially launched by Kulong Progo tourism service ( head of Diparda Kulongprogo ) at Sept 10,2006.At least 6 sport climbing route have been created here ranging from grade 5.9 until 5.10 with high 11 to 25 maters.So far cliff Samigaluh is considered as good sport climbing area for beginners.

3.Glanggeran Ancient Volcano Area

Popular as ones of eco tourism areas of Gunung Kidul with attractive towering rock formation of ancient volcano.So far, the area is more well known for it's hiking route through rocky terrain included crack and boulders.How ever,several rock climbing route dedicated for sport climbing had been created by Yogyakarta climbers ( climber forum - TPTY ) at Nglanggeran,grade ranging approx 5.9 until 5.11.It is also worthy to note that lower than 5.9 grade also have been created in the area by another climber from another region recently.

---- ----GOOD TO KNOW--------

There are few situations in which people are so dependent on each other as are climbers on hard route.Rewarding experiences and success most readily manifest in a harmonious team where mutual support is the rule.The mutual experience of intensive outdoor adventure diminishes differences due to social class, age, race, religion or nationality.Thus, climbing has become a means to promote understanding among individuals as well as nations.(Ref:The Mountain Code)


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*Article & Images Contributed: By Ambo Upe - Olenk
*Images Locations:At Watu Kotak & Nglanggeran