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Indonesia located in Subduction zone, known as part of RING OF FIRE, also popular as one of largest volcanic area in the world with more than 100 standing active volcanoes, and more than 100 fossil volcanoes. Theses volcanoes stretching through volcanic belt, began in Sumatra Island then to Java, Bali, Nusa Tenggara, Banda to Halmahera and North Sulawesi. This Island To Island Of Indonesian Volcano is specially posted to provide a brief overview of island to island interested volcano of Indonesia archipelago. Specially shared to worldwide volcano lovers, and volcano hiking seekers.


island and Sunda Strait have at least 30 active volcanoes.The island is popular as the "home land" of Indonesian highest active volcano: Kerinci Volcano,a recently nature tourism icon in Jambi, the peak of Indrapura.As highest active volcano, Kerinci is one of most favorite hiking destination in Indonesia. Sumatra island is also "home" of western corner volcano of the archipelago ,locally called volcano Jaboe, a getting more popular B-type volcano for it's impresive separating crater and under water volcano diving site at Aceh province.

Sibayak and Sinabung are two popular volcaoes for hiking in North Sumatra,while volcano Marapi is the most favorite hiking area in west Sumatra.Kaba and Dempo are two less frequent visited volcano of south Sumatra, but worthy for hiking due to it's volcanic lake and impressive active craters plus 3000 m in high (Dempo). Last... Rajabasa volcano, a B-type volcano of Lampung,mostly dominated by typically Sumatra mountain forest that made it more challenging route for hiking.It less published or mentioned but hiked by local Indonesian hikers that made it worthy to try hike it .While at Sunda Strait is the internationally popular Krakatau, mostly accessed by international volcano lover from Java Islad, mainly from capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta.


Java island is most volcanic island of Indonesia, possessing at least 35 active volcanoes. Although mostly erupted in medium power of eruption, but due to more silica content, they then were considered more powerful in eruption than other volcanoes of other island of Indonesia. Java island is Well known as homeland of ones of the world's most active volcano, Merapi in Yogyakarta - Central Java. Java is also home of Semeru, popular volcano for those passionate in volcano hiking.Other are some touristic volcano such Bromo, Kelud and Ijen.

The island has some B - type active volcano that'r popular by Indonesians hikers: Merbabu, Lawu, Iyang Argopura.Last, worthy to mention an A - type volcano, Raung volcano, a volcano offering two types different Climbing route: non technical route or hiking type route and technical route or climbing route for volcano adventure seekers.


 Bali-Lombok-Sumbawa-Flores island have at least 30 volcanoes.Local known as Pulau Dewata, Bali offers more tourist volcano, Batur, recently one of Indonesian geo park.Another volcano is Agung, considered holy volcano by most Hundists of Bali.

Cross to Lombok Island is Rinjani, offer fantastic view of Barujari,a volcanic cone locating inside of caldera.More popular for it's caldera lake Segera Anak,less popular for it's old crater rest. According it's historical record, volcanic hazard of Rinjani is around inside the caldera. As we cross to Sumbawa, two volcanoes: Tambora and Sangian Api are waiting.Tambora popular for it's greatest 1815 eruption in the world of volcano eruption history.Recently (2015), Tambora has been national park.

Next is Flores island,a homeland of volcano Kalimutu, wellknown for it's multiple color volcanic lake and most touristic volcano of Flores.Most unique ones in the island is Anak Ranaka, a youngest volcano of Flores island.


Part of Sulawesi Island is volcanic land in fact, there are at least 20 volcanoes here. volcano Soputan, volcano Lokon, and volcano Karangetang (Api Siau) are three attractive popular volcanoes. Recently, attract more people to hike or to see their volcanic phenomenon.Special note for Karangetang: it provides more spesific eruption type compared to other volcanoes of Indonesia.

New arrival of non listed volcano is Karua volcano, considered B - type active volcano ( ? ) in south Sulawesi ( Ref to: BULETIN SUMBER DAYA GEOLOGI, Vol. 5 No. 1 April 2010 ). Karua is rare to be mentioned or informed, but actually well known by Indonesians hikers, specially in south Sulawesi. As mostly other B - type volcanoes of Indonesia, terrain of volcano is mostly dominated by mountain forest.


Here...Gamalama volcano is the most popular one, very active volcano and formed Ternate Island.Dukono volcano is worthy to mention as youngest one among other non active volcanoes growing in a volcanic depresion zone.Dukono still possessing active crater.

Surprisingly...non listed either as A-type or B-Type active volcano classification since 1979: Volcano Ibu was suddenly erupted in 1998.This eruption, provided a real sample or fact of real reactivated volcano that should be noted for volcano lovers.

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