Friday, October 30, 2015


According to The Mountain Code,"a multiple day hike in the high mountains, especially of the beaten track, today is often referred to as a trek.Hiking turns in to a more demanding form of mountaineering a soon as hands have to be used for progress".

Technically,using hand for progress is normally called as scramble.In Indonesia, technical and physical difficulties level encountered en route measured by rating system.So far, Indonesia adapts YDS (Yosemite Decimal System) rating system that's until today is still being used officially to measure technically and physical difficulty of a climbing route (based on hardest route),mostly sport climbing route.

 How ever, the term used in Indonesia is different,here climbers used term "grade" as substitution of term "class" as originally YDS rating system.The same cases also can be found at other countries. In Indonesia, grade 5.9 - 5.13 are common grade of rock climbing route, while simple climbing that's graded 4 is never been found by our team,lastly 1-3 are typically hiking route (here included scramble).

Grade is used to be given for a route by first person climbing or hiking it.There fore, it is very subjective, and only viewed as a general guidance: no three even two climbers - hikers think exactly alike.More detail of YDS rating system as below:

Class 1: Hiking
Class 2: Simple scrambling, with the possible occasional use of the hands
Class 3: Scrambling; a rope might be carried
Class 4: Simple climbing, often with exposure. A rope is often used. A fall on Class 4 rock could be fatal. Typically, natural protection can be easily found
Class 5: Where rock climbing begins in earnest. Climbing involves the use of a rope, belaying, and protection (natural or artificial) to protect the leader from a long fall. Fifth class is further defined by a decimal and letter system – in increasing and difficulty. The ratings from 5.10-5.15 are subdivided in a, b, c and d levels to more precisely define the difficulty.

Additional Article Notes:

* The development of rating systems began in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries in Britain and Germany.Today no less than seven rating systems used internationally, YDS rating system is ones of them.

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* Photo Theme " Climbing Ngelanggeran Jogja", Photo By Ambo Upe Olenk