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Each traveler is different, some of them like relaxing on white sand beach or learn to surf  while other like to take vacation adventure by hiking on mountain or country side. If your are looking for challenging hiking vacation, volcano hiking  is ones the options here… in Indonesia.

As a largest volcanic area, Indonesia has many active volcanoes attracting both international hikers and geo observers.However, if you are an experienced hiker,there are at least three unmissable highest volcanoes should be listed at your hiking plan for your next volcano hiking in Indonesia, among them Kerinci, Rinjani and Semeru volcanoes.

1. KERINCI VOLCANO, Jambi,Sumatra Island.

Volcano Kerinci located at Sumatra island, under management of Kerinci Seblat National Park. It’s hiking basecamp located at last village Kersi Tuo, district Kayu Aro,regency Kerinci,province Jambi, Indonesia, and accessible via near by town either from Padang or Jambi city. At Kersi Tuo, homestays are well available for travelers, as well as local guide, tent, sleeping bag on hire basis.

Most international hikers accessed Kersi Tuo from Padang by van travel, while other hikers accessed it from Jambi City by van travel regularly depart in the morning and early evening. Regular van travel from Jambi is normally have stopping point at Sungai Penuh, and there fore hikers need further transfer by local regular transport to Kersi Tuo.On the way, scenic views of typically Sumatra highland are visible.

Volcano Kerinci offers variety of flora – fauna that are so specific for Sumatra region from big trees of deep jungle to birds of tropical mountain forest. Also offers view of green landscape of highland tea plantation with volcano Kerinci in the background. From hiking trail, it also offers fantastic view of volcanic caldera lake that considered as highest volcanic caldera lake in south Asia.This lake is accessible by easy hike through hiking trail,and offers extra view of highland’s waterfall of Mountain Tujuh.

As Indonesian highest active volcano, the best thing to do on volcano is hiking from Kersi Tuo. It is normally take 2 days to arrive on summit or totally 4 days trip,included 2 days overnight at basecamp before and after hiking for more altitude adaptation and 2 days hike included 1 night overnight by tent at Shelter II or Shelter III. Some hikers also normally do hiking by 2 nights overnight by tent, firstly at Shelter I and lastly at Shelter III.

The hike offers chance to observe majesty summit of volcano Kerinci which is best visible from view point Tugu Yuda on elevation 3684 m.Volcano Kerinci also offers variety of flora – fauna that are so specific for Sumatra region from big trees of deep jungle to birds of tropical mountain forest to observe. From basecamp Kersi Tuo, view of green landscape of highland tea plantation with volcano Kerinci in the background is well visible.While from hiking trail, it also offers fantastic view of volcanic caldera lake that considered as highest volcanic caldera lake in south Asia. This lake is accessible by easy hike through hiking trail, and offers extra view of highland’s waterfall of Mountain Tujuh.

Other popular thing to do at volcano Kerinci area are bird watching, jungle trekking, highland tea plantation walk, caldera hiking of mountain Tujuh and caldera lake canoeing.Caldera lake of mountain Tujuh is surrounded by seven peaks of mountains that make this area is very impressive to see while canoeing on lake.The lake is accessible by very easy hiking through hiking trail of mountain forest which is started from entrance gate of mountain Tujuh.The entrance gate it self is accessible by local transport from Kersi Tuo for approx half hour.

2. RINJANI VOLCANO, LomboK Island, Nusa Tenggara.

Rinjani volcano is the second highest active volcano in Indonesia after Kerinci volcano, under management of Rinjani national park, but hiking trail for hiking activity is specially managed under independent collaborative board. Rinjani located at Lombok Island and considered as ones most popular trekking attraction in Indonesia attracting international hikers to hike and see it’s nature feature beauty.

Popular hiking basecamps are Senaru and Sembalun, both are accessible from nearest town Mataram.As touristy area, either Senaru or Sembalum offer variety of accommodations for overnight before and or after hiking activity in the area. Local guide and porter as well as local trekking operators  –  providers are widely available either at Mataram or Senaru and Sembalun. So it is easy for every one to deal locally organized hiking for Rinjani.

As second highest active volcano of Indonesia, the best thing to do at Rinjani is hiking.The hike is multiple days duration, normally take actual 4 days hiking, included 2 night overnight by tent.Most travelers did hiking in the area from Sembalun,overnight at caldera edge of Plawangan Sembalun on first night and at Segara Anak area in second night.Other hikers did multiple day hiking from Senaru as starting point,overnight at Plawangan Senaru and Plawangan Sembalun. However, 2 days summit hike is possibly done through Sembalun, and descend via the same hiking trail to Sembalun for shorter time of hiking duration.

As national park, Rinjani offers variety of flora-fauna to observe, but most attractive ones is view of caldera lake of Segara Anak which is well visible both from caldera edge of Plawangan Senaru or Plawangan Sembalun.Another attractive thing to see is Barujari, a volcanic cone on caldera lake that was formed by formed by lava flow and other loose volcanic material of Rinjani and offers spectacular volcanic feature to take in view.

Other interested thing to do and see at Rinjani area are visiting hotspring which is accessible by walking from Segara Anak camp site.This volcanic phenomenon offers chance to experience bathing by warm water of the hotspring.Visit and see waterfall at Senaru area is also used to be done by travelers visiting Rinjani.

3. SEMERU VOLCANO, East Java, Java Island.

Semeru volcano is the third highest volcano of Indonesia after Rinjani volcano.It is managed under management of National Park Bromo-Tengger-Semeru. The park is a touristy area and considered as ones of most favorite volcanic nature attraction in Indonesia attracting global travelers to see it’ s spectacular view under light of sunrise in combination with morning mist blanked the volcanic caldera of Bromo-Tengger-Semeru National Park.

For summit hike, the popular hiking basecamp is Ranupani, a last village on volcano Semeru.This village offers fantastic view of volcanic lake and mountainous surrounding landscape.It is accessible by local transport from either from Tumpang district or from more popular touristy Bromo area at Cemoro Lawang. Either Tumpang or Cemoro Lawang them selves are accessible by car from Surabaya city for approx 3 hours drive. Homestay is available at Ranupani as well as at Tumpang. More options of accommodation mode is available at Cemoro Lawang from homestay to hotel restaurant.

As an attractive volcano, the best thing to do at Semeru is hiking that have been attracting both Indonesian or International hikers. On high peak season such August, Semeru always be too crowded by local hikers hiking up the volcano to celebrate Indonesia independent day, so that best hiking time for your vacation adventure in the area is suggested beyond that high peak season for more comfort.The actual hike it self is normally done for 2 days from Ranupani as starting point of the hike.

As national park, Semeru also offers variety of flora-fauna to observe, but most attractive one is view of volcanic summit locally called Mahameru.The summit it self is visible on the way hike from hiking path, but most hikers strive to reach summit in the morning for closer look of summit area. Most spectacular volcanic attraction phenomenon here is regularly spewing out volcanic material coming out from crater vent of Jonggring Seloko,the main crater of volcano Semeru.

Other interested thing to do and see at National Park Bromo-Tengger-Semeru is visit Pananjakan,a best view point of seeing sunrise slowly light caldera and morning mist blanked volcano Bromo plus other small cones with volcano Semeru as background. Next…visit volcano Bromo for more view of volcanic crater vent that is visible well from crater edge of Bromo.Riding horse along sea sand of caldera Tengger is another option of thing to do in the area.The horse riding is under guidance of horse owner that easily met at Bromo sand base.

Each volcano has it’s own challenging hike to do and specialty to see. Kerinci offers more variety of hiking trail and chance to see majesty of Indonesia highest active volcano summit, also see south Asia highest volcanic caldera lake, and more deeper of rain tropical mountain forest.While Rinajni offers two more touristy starting hike to choose, and chance to see ones of Asia most fantastic caldera lake with volcanic cone inside the caldera lake. Last Semeru, offers hike cross caldera and through old caldera base while observing the spectacular of regular spewing out volcanic material coming out from crater, also see more popular crater vent of volcano Bromo plus sunrise slowly light the misty volcanic caldera with towering Semeru volcano in the distance.

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