Monday, September 28, 2015


Indonesia is high diversity of karst zone, it has wide of 19,40 million ha stretching from west at Sabang until east at Merauke either at large or small islands. Feature of it's karst hill, valley, cave and underground water are different from one zone to others. Therefore, various types of karts landscape always be found in Indonesia such type karst of Pengunungan Sewu,type karst of Maros, type karst zone of Gombong,type
Wawotobi, type Sangkulirang.

Some karst areas are enriched by their their biodiversity, example: Batimurung Karst area at Sulawesi or Jomblang cave at Java. Some of them have been a special tourim destination such at karts of Pengunungan Sewu covering three provincial regions: Yogyakarta-Central Java-East Java, even visited and known well by some international Speo adventure travelers such karst zone Mangkalihat at Kalimantan.

Some karts caves were also previously settled by ancient pre history man and left their traces in form of  fossil and "art rock" on cave' wall even roof of cave that have found in same caves sunc in Sulawesi, Kalimantan, Sumatera and Papua. Many fossil of pre history man also have been found in cave such at Flores, and Sumatera. Such discoveries made karst zone is important more that just limestone but trace of life and human being culture.While along some valley between towering karst limestone, some megalithic remains also have been discovered that made karst zone in Indonesia more worthy to see by travelers.