Monday, April 13, 2015


TREKKING ROUTE: Garung Sumbing
SLEEPING ALTITUDE: Approx 1455 m & 2763 m
DESTINATION: Summits Buntu-Kawah plus crater base.


Day 1 / Leave Yogyakarta for Garung in mid-day.We have chance to visit highfarmland of this area which popular for it's tobacco plant,also experiences the fresh air of this highland and see volcano landscape of Sumbing and Sindoro.Over night at Basecamp.Normal actual drive 2,5 hours.(D)

Day 2 / In the morning,hiking to Watu Kotak through village, cobbled road of local highland plantation, soil path of mountain forest Sumbing, path of loose volcanic stone and walk under shadow of towering rock formation of Sumbing.If we have good weather, we have chance to see "closed up view"of Sindoro adding impression of the highland of Sumbing-Sindoro area.Overnight by tent.Normal actual hike 5 hours ascent.(B,L,D)

Day 3 / Summit attempt in early dark cool morning to arrive on popular summit Buntu on good time,then proceed maximum 1,5 hours descend-ascent to get closer look of the impressive craters and up to second summit,more rocky summit locally called Puncak Kawah.If we have good weather on first summit, we then have chance to see sunrise slowly lights Merapi-Merbabu volcanoes towering over white morning fog-cloud in the distance, also see below sunny crater and take a looks of active craters of Sumbing separating on the caldera base.On next second summit,take in view of below nature landscape stretching to Kledung in the backdrop of "close up view" of Sindoro.We then descend back to Garung to drive return to Yogyakarta.Normal actual hike 9 hours ascent-descent.Normal actual drive 2,5 hours.(B,L)

2.Overnight by available local hotel is possible by extra cost.
3.Photo: "Sumbing Crater Base" By Olenk Ambo Upe