Wednesday, January 14, 2015


The world's oldest mountain range formed in Primer Priode ( Paleozoikum ) such Mountain range Skandinavia and Mountain range of East Australia ( Australina Aps and Blue Mountains ). Younger mountain range ones existed on several zone of the earth such in France, Eangland even America, such: Mountain range Yura in France and Mountain range Penini in England, while at America continent existed Mountain range Appalachia and Brasilia.

The world's youngest mountain range was formed in Tertier period, among them mountain range of Sirkum Mediterania and Sirkum Pasific. Indonesia archipelago passed by these both world's youngest mountain range, there fore in Indonesia archipelago you'll see many mountain range too. Trekking and hiking activities are often be done on this zone by either by Indonesian or trekking international travelers. Mountaineering activities also done by Indonesian and several International mountaineering travelers.

So...if you have ever hiked or climbed some oldest or younger mountain range any where in world, you then may try the youngest mountain range ones, and Indonesia is the right place for it to try. Here you may felt the difference of youngest mountain range terrain or discover it's landscape uniqueness or encounter it's geo living culture diversity which is in fact very specific in differentiation of cultural life from one place to other places of mountain range slope or valley. .

In very long time process, the highest points of a mountain range get lower and lower due to many factors such erosion, mostly natural erosion from time to time. There fore, their high then decreased, even some of them transformed in to more and more tiny hills sloping flatter and flatter. However, due to topographical aspect, some other nature features are also found on lower zone of mountain range such waterfall, lake and rivers adding impression of nature grandeur.