Sunday, January 11, 2015


Plateau is an wide and flat area on highland.It was result of nature erosion and sedimentation.Indonesia has many plateaus, they are mostly inhabited already since long time. Popular ones in Indonesia such as Gayo plateau and Alas plateau at Sumatra island, Malang plateau and Dieng plateau at Java island.

Some plateaus were intensively settled since feudalism kingdom era In Indonesia, even previously, then developed as recreational area in colonial era such Malang plateau in East Java. While other plateaus are very rich in diversity of material of culture diversity such as at Dieng plateau where complex of some oldest Hindu temples were discovered and been ones of  Indonesia well known tourism destination. This plateau surrounded by other higher hills while on it's base are volcanic phenomenons such active crater and hotspring as well as other nature features such waterfall, lake and river.

Most plateaus offer good hiking spots for hiking travelers to discover more beauty diversity of the area. Therefore, some plateaus are attractive for most holiday travelers causing them to be developed further in to listed tourism destinations.