Monday, December 22, 2014


LOCATION: Central Java and East Java Provinces,Indonesia.
CLASSIFICATION: Active Volcano B-Type.

Volcano Lawu located in two provinces of Indonesia, Central Java and East Java, but it's summit administratively located at Karanganyar, Central Java.This is an active volcano, classified active volcano type B.It's sulfured crater plus fumarola field and hotspring located below summit zone, exactly in a deep valley, and therefore hikers always still get smell of sulfured around 2500 m dpl.

Another name of volcano Lawu is Wukir Mahenra, a past historical name of Lawu.As an old volcano Lawu possessing many summits due to nature erotion effects,but the highest one is summit Hargo Dumila 3265 m.This summit is still covered by adapted plants growing around summit zone Hargo Dimula.On summit,the rest of it's ancient crater is visible.

Lower to Lawu mountain slope is megalitikum site facing to summit of Lawu,indicating Lawu zone has been inhabeted by human being since long time ago. Higher from megalitikum site, over 1000 m is complex of higher developed civilication indicating by the existence of Lawu group temple such Suku,Cetho temples and other temples.Among these temple,Suku is the most popular ones, a pyramida shaped temple of Lawu,but locally known as "undakan" shaped temple.The temple completed with lingga and Yoni, a symbol of fertile.

Today Lawu began to attracts many hikers to come to experience it's fresh air and well as it's historical culture  attractions such megalitikum site faced to Lawu volcano and pyramida shaped temples
on slope of Lawu that reflects past human cultural adaption on the volcano.