Monday, December 22, 2014


Indonesins are well aware of treating food with healthy respect. Basically, it central culture of Indonesian where communal sharing is central to social relationship between people and groups. On any celebration such wedding or after harvesting, it take much time to prepare delicious cuisine to serve for a mass participants on celebrated event.While on public space, it is also common for Indonesian to offer to share food they have to stranger such on long bus trip.  

Most ethnic group in Indonesia has it spesific and specially cuisine,but the staple food of most Indonesian dishes is rice served with meat and vegetables.Spices, notably chili, and coconut milk are fundamental ingredients in most of the dishes, especially fish and chicken. At some eastern of Arc such Papua and Maluku Sago is also important food.

Along with rice, one of the foundation of Indonesia cooking is Sambal.It is made from fresh chilies, garlic and shallot,prepared in various ways. If you visit Indonesia, and want to try eat Sambal, it is strongly suggested to eat in small amounts! Sumateranese sambal are mostly very hot, while Javanese less hot, it even mostly mixed with sugar in cooking process that make it rather unique.

The Fast Food:
Indonesia has many traditional fast food, but popular one is Lemper, a small parcel of spicy flavored meats sandwiched in sticky rice and neatly wrapped in a banana lead.Today Lemper is still easily found at local tradional pasar pagi (morning market) such pasar pagi Pasar Kota Gede in Yogyakarta.

Food Stall & Restaurant:
On street corner, and in food stall ( the rumah makan ), food are constantly prepared and eaten, popular ones are Nasi Goreng and Sate. Their aroma often spills out on to the street to fill the air with taste. At city and touristic area, restaurants are easily found. Here, European and Chinese cuisine are widely served.