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 Bahasa Indonesia is the national and official language in the entire territory.It use Latin alphabets but some parts of Indonesia have their own scripts.The Bahasa is based on the high Malay language as spoken and written in the Riau Islands, as in the early 19th. century, Malay was the lingua franca throughout the then Dutch East Indies,  the language spoken in trade transactions.

Today the Bahasa is taught in schools and spoken on television,used by national written media. How ever...most Indonesians today speak at least two languages or more, Bahasa Indonesia and their ethnic local language.There are approx 583 local languages spoken by different ethnic groups across the archipelago. There are approx six language on Sulawesi, five main language groups on Sumatra and three on Java. Alor in Nusa Tengggara has seven different language groups,while the Balinese speak their own. Adding even more spice to this linguistic stew, all these languages are also spoken in a number of different local dialects.

Bahasa Indonesia is rather easy to learn and once you get the hang of it, you’ll find out that it’s actually easy. Trying several simple phrases is the most simple way to get started in learning the Bahasa by non Indonesians,below are some samples:

I     : Saya
You     : Kamu/ Anda
We     : Kami
He/ She : Ia/ Dia (both are genderless)
They     : Mereka

Good Morning     : Selamat Pagi
Good Afternoon     : Selamat Siang
Goodbye     : Selamat Tinggal
Fine             : Baik
How do you do ? : Apa kabar?
Welcome     : Selamat Datang
Thanks          : Terima Kasih

Can you help me?    : Dapatkah Anda membantu/ menolong saya?
How do I get there? : Bagaimana cara untuk kesana?
How far?            : Seberapa jauh?
How long will it make? : Seberapa lama?
How much (Price)?      : Berapa harganya?
What is this/ that?    : Apa ini/ itu?
What is your name?     : Siapa nama Anda?
When?                    : Kapan?
Where?                    : Di mana?
Why?                    : Kenapa/ mengapa?

Go up     : Naik
Go down : Turun
Right     : Kanan
Left     : Kiri
Front     : Depan
Behind     : Belakang
North     : Utara
South     : Selatan
East     : Timur
West     : Barat

                            WELCOME TO INDONESIA

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