Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Indonesia archipelago, sprawls through a part of the western pacific known as the Ring of Fire.registering up to  three earthquakes per day, the region is home to over 100 active volcanoes.Till now... Indonesia is well known as a volcanic country where more than 30% out of all the world volcanoes occupied this region.

How ever...Some volcanoes in the region are still mysterious since their past eruption are not known well due to less documented, such volcano Merbabu in Central Java. While other are still on identification to know it type well such volcano Karua in south Sulawesi,that may it's type is classified type B (?).

The eruption of the volcanoes on this region are very vary from Strombolian type,and vulcanian type to sub-plinnian and freatic ones.All volcanic eruption not only destroys, but also aids growth and life.The whitish ash is rich in mineral and reaches a wide area of surrounding region.As a result,Indonesia has some of the world's most fertile land.

In edition...when they were on normal active, they phenomena and summits beauty attract many adventure travelers to hike - climb them,and their Strambolian eruption type also began to attract adventure travelers to come closer at considered safe area to see its lava flow attractions, as recently (2014) recorded at volcano Slamet in Central Java.Actually this is a new eruption tour type that recently attracted a fragment market of volcano tourism in Indonesia, and become a new value added for local income in the area.

"Volcano Merapi Pasca Huge Eruption 2010 viewed from edge of crater "
Photo By:Ambo Upe Olenk